IPL 2020 suspended due to covid-19 pandemic until further notice of BCCI.

 BCCI was suspended the the Indian Premier League IPL2020 due to covid-19 pandemic until further notice, world sports has also suffering from the 2k19 pandemic.

In our countery the lockdoun phase 3 is upto 17 may 2020, BCCI may take any action on ipl 2020 after this lockdoun phase 3. the case of covid19 is increasing on large scale in indai so, its very hard to say ipl 2020 will happen or not in nest 3 or 4 month. the tournament will be suspended until further notice. the franchises, too, were informed about the decision.

The tournament, was earlier suspended till April 15 due to corona virus, and now with the lockdown being extended, the Board had no option than push it back. While the Board is exploring ‘various options’ in a bid to find out an alternate window, later this year, to host the tournament, there is no clarity on the feasibility of such a proposal. 

if the IPL2020  may cancelled, there could be a possible loss of more than  Rs 3000 crore to BCCI. While that is a major concern, the Board officials, franchises and the host broadcaster hope to reach a  over the next few months to decide on the future notice of bcci.

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